Made in small batches on our farm in Downeast Maine, we use the healthiest, freshest ingredients available, many of which we grow ourselves.

Kale, beets, carrots, chives and garlic thrive in our nippy climate, and our cage-free flock of over 100 hens cooperate most days with a bounty of fresh, nutritious eggs.

Fresh pasta made in Maine!

Our golden yellow semolina flour, grown in the northern plains of the U.S. creates a nutty flavor note that enhances our home made vegetable purées.

Once we blend these ingredients in our authentic Italian made pasta machine, we extrude it through brass dies and slowly air dry the pasta shapes to retain all the benefits of our select ingredients.

Our Recipes

Children love pasta, and adults love the ease and speed it can be prepared.

Add simple sauces for quick meals, or more complex sauces for company or gourmet meals. Seafood, vegetables, herbs and cheese, sausage or meatballs, the choices are many.


“Mac & Cheese”

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